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Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations & Maintenance

EMC offers a wide range of wastewater treatment plant operational services. With our State Certified Operators, we can fully operate your plant and take care of all aspects of plant operations, or we can provide part-time operational assistance that will allow you to stay in compliance with ADEM regulations. Either way, EMC’s State Certified Operators can provide the services you need at a price you can afford.

EMC can also provide maintenance and repair services on pump stations and other wastewater treatment plant equipment, including sewer jetting and pump station troubleshooting just to name a few. Our maintenance technicians have over 25 years combined of experience, so be rest assured that the job is in the hands of a professional. We strive to provide repairs on your equipment quickly, professionally, and economically. For a price quote on your operational or maintenance needs, please contact us today!

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What Can We Do For You?

  • State-Certified Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations – Full Time or Part Time
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repairs
  • Plant Upgrades Including Phosphate Removal
  • Pump Station Troubleshooting
  • Sewer Line Jetting
  • And more!

Wastewater treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater, which includes the physical, chemical, and biological processes. This is done to help eliminate pollutants from the wastewater, especially the metals. Once treated, water can then be released back into the environment without the risk of it harming the environment. There are an extraordinary number of sources that create sewage every day. Some of the most common places are residences, institutions, hospitals, commercial buildings, and industrial establishments. When it comes to treating this sewage, it can be treated close to where it is created, or it can be collected and transported via a network of pipes and pumping stations to a municipal treatment plant. EMC provides these services and many more to help monitor,treat, and control the sewage produced by many businesses around Birmingham. Contact us today for a free quote!